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Why +2 Hotel Management at NTHMC ?

We are completely dedicated to excel academic activities and support the students in their choosen carrers. In this connection, the college focuses more on practical exposures to build up their professional competence.

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Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM Program)

It delivers key competencies of Tourism business. It develops your intercultural understanding. Hospitality etiquette, Recipe and the Capability of Self-learning with this comprehensive qualification. You will be finally equipped with the competitive advantage of securing a career in the Tourism and Hospitality Business.

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Student enrolled for BBA need to complete 126 credit hours of course work spread over four years (eight semesters) to graduate from the programme. Considering the horizontal and vertical levels of study required for the business graduates, the curriculum of BBA has been designed to encompass seven areas of study. They are:

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The Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) program aims to provide sound knowledge base, conceptual understanding and skills in the area of business and management with specific focus on finance, banking and insurance. The BBA-BI program is a four year bachelor degree program spread over eight semesters. The BBA-BI course is structured as follows

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  • +2 Hotel Management Students

  • +2 Hotel Management Students

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Student's Voice

  • Success is what everyone whishes to achieve. For that, I Choose NTHMC as it comprises of a good teaching learning environment with qualified & amiable teachers. We students are academically murmured such a way that we got success and best results. in my opinion NTMC is certainly the most suitable ladder to reach the destination that all good students dream of.
    Mr. Sujan Lamichhane
    BBA-BI (IV Semester)
  • NTHMC, for me is the best place to learn the life changing skills and knowledge. I have participated in almost all the events organized by college. The leadership roles I have taken during the events have groomed me much more than I was. I really thank college administration for providing such wonderful platforms for us. I am really grateful to be a member of NTHMC.
    Ms. Komal Khand
    Grade 12 running
  • I was confused while choosing the college for hotel management course after my SEE. I was suggested by my relatives and friends about NTHMC. I came with my parents and our first impression became the point to choose for my studies. The environment, classes, uniforms, practical classes, everyday lunch, guest lectures, field visits and transportation are really admirable. It’s best place to study. I am enjoying my classes here at NTHMC.
    Mr. Aiman Singh Salami Magar
    Grade 12 running
  • I am having a wonderful learning experience here at NTHMC . I find all the faculties as well as the staffs taking proper care in teaching and learning process. I literally enjoy the practical classes of kitchen, restaurant, bar, front office, computer and housekeeping. Also, I participate in every events and activities organized by the college. It’s my best college and I am proud to be a student of NTHMC.
    Ms. Muskan Sharma
    Grade 12 running
  • I see NTHMC as a home for my education and learning. NTHMC has expended my inner abilities and also has open the door to immense opportunities. Moreover, it has made me most confident I have never been for which I am forever grateful to the friends, teachers and environment of NTHMC. NTHMC always prioritizes the well-being of students first. Every day I get chance to learn something new here. I am very happy and proud to be part of NTHMC.
    Prajita Khand
    BBA-BI 5th Semester
  • NTHMC, for me, is not only just an educational institution; it is platform, mentor, family, and a friend indeed. Being a part of this esteemed organization, I found myself growing to become someone whom I always yearned to be. It does not limit itself just to education; the professionally designed courses, qualified expert faculty members, practical will ensure to boost up the confidence with in-depth knowledge, interpersonal skills and leadership qualities creating a world of opportunities.
    Safal Malla
    BBA V
  • Grooming my potentiality at NTHMC! “Success is not just about getting a degree, but developing the critical thinking and leadership skills to support a successful career. It’s about learning skills for your chosen life, not just a job.” Eventually, I joined NTHMC. Approximate learning environment, highly qualified teachers and most importantly various motivational activities provided to boost up skills and confidence of t h e students are really decisive in the career of students like me. I am really happy of being a NTHMCian.
    Anisha Poudel
    BBA V
  • “Small mind discuss person: Average minds discuss event; Great mind discuss ideas.” As we know this is an era of business. So as a part of dream of my life, I decided and joined NTHMC. My hungriness towards learning was increased day by day by joining this college. I got highly motivated with highly skilled teachers and great built library. I will give all credit and thank NTHMC to be able to make me bonafide representative for the business world. Hence NTHMC has always been success for developing the personality of students and has capacity to develop skillful human resources. Likewise, I wish NTHMC will be great dream of many students.
    Dayaram Kafle
    BBA V
  • I was feeling really pleasant when I joined NTHMC as a BBA student, because with a highly effective administration and a team of experienced teachers who are at all-time ready to inspire the student and help them learn. I really found it the right place for a learner aspires to achieve good academic background for BBA (Management) education both practical and theoretical knowledge as well. I am glad to be a part of NTHMC.
    Ganesh Lamsal
  • NTHMC is the platform for students seeking to grow, get knowledge who are eager to learn and create history. And this was the same reason why I joined this college and I am happy to say, that this college did not break my expectations.
    Salina Thapa
    BHM III Semester
  • To be honest, the reason I wanted to study in NTHMC is quite silly. It started as a silly dream of a child who one day happened to see the college bus while crossing the road and got interested about the college and wanted to join this college one day thus resulting in the aim or dream to join this college. Then later on I choose Hotel Management as my subject in +2 and joined NTHMC & finally achieved my dream or aim of joining NTHMC. And I’m glad that I didn’t give up on my dream/aim to join this college as from day 1 feel like it has been so life changing. And I feel like I am able to learn many new things about the hospitality industry by studying this college.
    Shristi Gurung
    BHM V
  • Talking about my college live, I had enjoyed my college life to the fullest and had some best college days of my life. I completed my +2 in hotel Management from here only. NTHMC is one of the renowned and the best college of Nepal. Build in a larger area, it is a beautiful with many courses in streams like +2 in hotel Management, BHM, BBA, BBA-BI. With an outstanding academic record.
    Aashish Giri
    BHM 6th Semester
  • As I heard the word NTHMC, and know about the college eternally I was very curious for being a student of this college. As I spend two years as the BHM student, the expectation and the experience is far way better than my expectations.
    Pratham Thapa
    BHM 6th Semester
  • Since it was established in 1999, the very well-known and best hospitality college in Nepal where we can build up our career level. I love and admire the environment of the NTHMC. And one of the best thing about NTHMC is that you get a new experience every day and get to learn new things in every steps of your path. I’m very honored and proud to be the part of NTHMC. Also the practical sessions are super wow and everyone get a chance to do all by ourselves. That’s what NTHMC is about learning and educating ourselves.
    Rashmi Gurung
    BHM IV
  • This is Sora Shrestha, currently studying in BHM I semester. In fact, I have been dreaming to establish a wellness retreat center. Therefore, I chose NTHMC  so that my dream would turn into reality. Dream is not the thing that we see while in sleep but a purposeful project which does not let you to sleep. This college is for  those who are in pursuit of quality education at reasonable cost. One shall feel academic environment and the provoking vision of caring - sharing and growing together once entered in college premises. I will recommend such students who are hankering to plunge in hospitality industry and contribute in tourism of Nepal. As this is the pioneer college for tourism hospitality study in Nepal. I wish NTHMC'S academic excellence and erect further milestones.
    Sora Shrestha
    BHM IV

About Our College

NTHMC, established in 1999, is a venture of International Education Foundation Ltd, which has the mission of developing high caliber academic institutions in the country with special focus on developing Pokhara as a tourism, business education and health city of Nepal. This institution is a collaborative effort of more than 120 founders including entrepreneurs, social workers, businessmen, bankers, real-estate developers, doctors, engineers and industrialists.

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Our Features

Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching faculties. Visiting professors, scholars and experts from various Universities and institutions. Provision of Great opportunities for local & foreign employment.

Both practical and theoretical knowledge are equally valued and taught for the student’s benefit Mentored by experienced faculty with hospitality experience. Modern teaching pedagogy that integrates workshops, seminars and interaction programs.

Internships & Placements

To get the real life experience for the student, We assist all our students for internship, which can be done here in Nepal or abroad. Rewardingly, we are sending our students for internship and placements in various counties like as CHINA, Mauritius, THAILAND, SINGAPOR, SPAIN with five star international brand company.

To develop students and work force to their highest standard with understanding of hygiene and sanitation and Identifying safety awareness through training.

Well-equipped Labs

A fully operational kitchen with individual workstations. All products and equipments for other housekeeping related trainings are available.

Well equipped restaurant & Bar with Modern Crockery’s and Cutleries. Facilities of Skill Training also Industrial Training. Housekeeping lab consists of a mock guest room built as per hotel specifications and a housekeeping work area. In this room students practice the servicing of a guest room. We also have well equipped computer lab with internet connection

Infrastructure & Library

Infrastructure is one of the major strengths of any hospitality institute. Our infrastructure has been created according to functionality, current trends and adequacy. It has exclusive labs, modern kitchens, air-conditioned classrooms and a well stocked library.

NTHMC library has a wide range of reference books by both national and international authors on every subject pertaining to hospitality. In addition to these books, the library also has literature on general interest, personal development and a range of periodicals and educational Cds.