From the Chairman’s Desk – Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College

From the Chairman’s Desk

I would like to extend my warm welcome to the prospective graduates in Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management College. One of the first and finest management college to operate BBA, BBA – BI and BHM in Pokhara; NTHMC is a well established institute for offering excellent courses on business and management under the affiliation of Pokhara University.

With the mission of meeting the dynamic changes in educational arena, with focus on improvised teaching methodology for enhancing efficiency and quality for professional managers, we are here proudly serving in Pokhara. We are serving for more than a decade with the dream to establish Pokhara as the higher management education destination in the country.
The core vision of NTHMC is to turn the dream into reality. The dream for the academic development of Pokhara, that we set a decade ago, has been materialized now, but we are not satisfied yet. For the better future of our students, and for the better future generations, we are ever- coming with new concepts to enhance the academic capacities of our students.
We are committed to develop dynamic educational institution where vibrant students initiate for the innovation, entrepreneur skills and new business concepts. We encourage students to establish a new trend instead of being a follower. We encourage the students for team work, where they practice the basic managerial challenges from the very beginning.
To provide the best of everything to the students of Management College, we are investing in the human capital. With experienced and competent faculty members, here at NTHMC, we don’t only run academic curriculum but prepare them to be the management leader of tomorrow.
I welcome you all to Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management College once again and would like to request you for your personal visit to see what we have to offer you.


Ashok Palikhe