Words from the College Topper – Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College

Words from the College Topper

After completion of my A-levels. I was pondering in dilemma, where and which management college to choose. After spending huge span of time in surfing the internet to inspect the right college, with affordable fees, in right location and quality teaching styles. I found NTHMC to be far better in all of these qualities.
I felt please when I joined NTHMC as an undergraduate student. Their hospitality is immeasurable. It also provided the right environment, modern facilities and academic techniques to enrich my career growth. I always urge students to make the right choice of enrolling here.
NTHMC gave me a platform to move on in my career. The lecturers and staff at NTHMC are very helpful and friendly. I am slowly advancing towards my goal and all credit goes to NTHMC team.
Many lecturers have various types of connections with other professional communities. So, listening to their stories was useful to build a solid image of growing into a management professional.
Studying at NTHMC has been a breath of fresh air. It is a professionally charged environment and I believe everything that I learn in this college will take me to high places in life. I am pretty much confident that, NTHMC has been worth every paisa. So, I strongly say, you all have chosen the right college to study management to pave your way and career.

Thakur Baruwal
2011 intake BBA-BI
Receiver of
Dean’s List Position Award, 2072

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