Graduation Day for Students of BBA, BBA-BI and BHM students at NTHMC – Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College

Graduation Day for Students of BBA, BBA-BI and BHM students at NTHMC

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Graduation Day for Students of BBA, BBA-BI and BHM students at NTHMC

On the occasion of the 19th convocation of  Pokhara University (PU), Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College (NTHMC) organized an in-house graduation ceremony amidst students and parents of the graduating students of BBA, BBA-BI and BHM streams.  The college hosted the program under the chairmanship of Ashok Palikhe, who is also the chairperson of the college management committee. The board members including Prakash K.C and Jaya Ram Hamal also made their presence to felicitate the students. Altogether, 31 students from BBA, 18 students from BBA-BI and 31 students from BHM graduated with flying colors. Two students- Suraj Dahal and Sangita B.K from BBA- BI, one students each – Sujan Pariyar from BBA and Priya Shahi from BHM made an outstanding achievement in the Dean’s list. The college felicitated them with medals and certificates. The other graduating students were felicitated with Khada and certificates.

On his welcome speech to the students, Palikhe highlighted on the need of students’ pool for further connectivity with college as the college is soon making its vertical extension of academic degrees. The chairperson also distributed the certificates of honour to the students graduating this year. He further stated that, “The college is ever ready to lend a helping hand to our graduates for job placement or entrepreneurial endeavors.” He also stressed that, “All graduates should remain in connection with the college through our web pages as Alumni filling up the profile so that they could be contacted whenever there are opportunities.” After his welcome speech, all graduates were feciliated with vermillion mark, Khada and the certificated. The board of directors, the principal, the vice principal, program coordinators and faculty jointly felicitated the graduating students.

On the occasion, the graduation speeches were delivered by Dristi Acharya of BBA, Anupama Thakuri of BBA-BI and Priya Shahi of BHM whereby the speakers’ thanked the college for such wonderful arrangements and remembered their years’ long bond and friendship with teachers and students. They also made a commitment that this bond will remain eternal.  The students hurled their hats over in the air to mark the celebration, while they also joined their parents and teachers with photo sessions, video clippings and syncing reels to post in the web pages and social sites.  The champagnes were uncorked and a graduation cake was shared among all participants to mark this rare event. The program was anchored by Sanju Kunwar and Priyanka Thapa. It was formally concluded with the thank you speech of the principal and a hi-tea party. The college management would like to wish our graduates a wonderful future while they are embarking upon a journey to their destiny.