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Expert’s View

Expert’s View – René R.F. Wildeman

An international expert’s view on NTHMC

BHM, BBA and BBA-BI are the most coveted degrees pursued by the youngsters worldwide. I am really glad to hear that NTHMC has provided these internationally a

cclaimed degrees at a reasonable price with scholarships to deserving candidates. It will open avenues to all level of students to fulfill their cherished dreams irrespective of their economic background.

The hospitality industry forms an important part of tourism and management degree is the key foundation to economic prosperity. Sometimes, one can believe that we only communicate through the screens of our smart phones, tablets or computers but human interaction is so important these days. In the industries human interaction is a key factor to success.
Also Nepal has a lot to offer: historical and cultural sites, an ethnic heritage and a beautiful and imposing nature and the swiftly growing industries. Especially for adventure travel, there are great opportunities in this country. For those who think the possibility of opportunities and success comes from the country where there are lot of challenges, Nepal is the ultimate place.
But there are threats and the country has to protect its ecosystems. The amount of trash on and around the Mount Everest shows how tourism can have a negative effect on our environment.
We have to invest in the future of our children and make our world more sustainable.

NTHMC offers good education for those who want to contribute to a higher level of quality tourism in Nepal and abroad. NTHMC offers both theoretical and practical classes
in a green and quiet setting outside town also with recreational facilities. The city college in Pokhara town is more focused on General Management. It provides international standard degrees in Business Management which will fulfill the managerial position for the Hotel industry as well as the general industries. It is focused on the wider entrepreneurial necessities in home and abroad.
Hospitality and general Management is for those with passion and NTHMC can be the first step of a beautiful career which will give a lot of personal satisfaction. Students will not only acquire knowledge but also make many friends amongst fellow students which is the base for their professional network. Last but not the least, I would like to inform from the core of my heart that NTHMC is one of the best educational destination in the town. Grab this opportunity and join the college to experience it yourself.


René R.F. Wildeman
Senior Expert
Swiss contact