Exam Coordinator’s Message – Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College

 Exam Coordinator’s Message

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to each and every meritorious applicant to the New Intake at Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College. The learning environment at NTHMC is highly welcoming and pleasant, and students are encouraged to frequently attend all classes that are held, including theory, practical, and problem-based learning sessions. The related Department and Examinations Section at NTHMC regularly review the students through assessments. A student’s performance will be evaluated internally, and this evaluation will consist of two parts.

  • Continuous Assessment (Practical, Project Based Learning (PBL), Presentation, Class Test, Participation, Interaction)
  • Internal Examination (First and Pre-Board Internal Examinations)

The students are debarred from appearing the University Examination if their performances are not satisfactory. The following are the eligibility requirements for appearing in the Pokhara University Examinations:

  1. Minimum 80% attendance is required in all theory and practical subjects separately.
  2. Internal marks will be granted to the students on the basis of his/her attendance, assignment, continual evaluation, and performance during tutorials and internal examinations.
  3. The students must appear at least 6 practical sessions; otherwise they are not allowed to appear in the Final Practical Examination.
  4. Failed students won’t be permitted to appear for the Board Examinations because they are disqualified for board exam.

With sincere gratitude and warm regards;
Suresh Raj Adhikari
Exam Coordinator

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