Blood Donation Camp at NTHMC – Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College

Blood Donation Camp at NTHMC

June 2, 2023
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June 5, 2023

Blood Donation Camp at NTHMC

NTHMC has organized a massive blood donation camp on the occasion of its 25th year of establishment. 100 people including students and teachers have donated blood in the program. Prakash Regmi, the principal of the college, has informed that this hotel management college, the first in Nepal, has embraced social responsibility along with professional education and donated blood under humanitarian services related to health and life. Blood is the only thing that can be given instead of blood to save someone’s life. So far, no other substance has been discovered or made as an alternative to it. Principal said that since blood is the substance that fulfills the need for blood.

Principal said that the blood donation program was organized on the occasion of the establishment of the college and it will be made a calendar in the future in collaboration with Nepal Red Cross Society, Blood Transfusion Service Gandaki. He said that the program will be organized to motivate the youth in social service along with business efficiency.

Arjun Gyawali, Head of Blood Transfusion Service Gandaki, said that the college has done a great job by organizing the blood donation program. He also said that he was very happy that the young students of the college participated in the blood donation. He said, since you are people in the field of hospitality, in the field of managing a balanced diet, he had also said that you are a blood factory as well as there is no harm in donating blood, but it is beneficial for health. Gyawali said that blood donation organized in the college will help a lot as there is a shortage of blood in Pokhara during the summer months. He said that any healthy person with 45 kg of fat, 18 to 60 years of age can donate blood. Earlier, the program was started by the college principal Mr. Prakash Regmi handed over a blood bag to the first blood donor Mr. Slok Tamrakar students of BBA.